ASUS Will Launch More Fanless X570 Motherboards in the Third Quarter

Today, ASUS has officially confirmed that they will release passively cooled X570 motherboards from the start of Q3 2021.

Previously, leaks about AMD’s unreleased motherboards with X570S chipset have appeared from MSI and Gigabyte. The speculation for this chipset focused on AMD’s rumored Warhol (Zen3+) refresh of Ryzen processors, but in the end, we got to know that there will be a new chipset for fanless motherboards.

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ASUS has also confirmed that they will launch fanless X570 motherboards in Q3 2021. ASUS has shared a teaser on Twitter and Reddit.

Only two variants are mentioned in the official ASUS ROG account’s tweet, which means that only some variants might receive the fanless refresh instead of the whole X570 series.

The upcoming X570 motherboards will not be the only fanless motherboards from ASUS as they have already released the ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero motherboard, which also lacks a fan over the chipset.

Here is how ASUS introduced the ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero in August 2020:

“The Dark Hero is our first X570 board to implement a passive cooling design. A massive high surface area heatsink covers the chipset and extends into the space between the main PCIe slots to provide plenty of heat dissipation. Compared to the active cooling design on the Crosshair VIII Hero, the Dark Hero’s chipset temperature under load is just 2.25% higher in our internal testing.”

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The time when all major motherboard manufacturers are refreshing the X570 certainly raises a question regarding AMD’s plan with the AM4 socket and the arrival of a successor. The question arises, is removing the fan, providing better aesthetics and performance are enough to convince consumers to purchase the AM4 socket before it officially gets replaced. We will get the answer in June.