Audiofly AF-78 In-Ear Headphones Review

Final Thoughts
At the end of the day the Audiofly AF-78 in-ear headphones have to be one of the best pair of headphones I have ever had the chance to listen to. The audio quality and reproduction is nothing short of amazing, especially if you are listening to music, which I feel these headphones were really designed for. The AF-78’s have really great mid and highs and the bass is not overpowering, but for fine-tuned which I really liked. If you have the chance to try these out before you buy them I would definitely recommend doing that to see the difference between them and the headphones that come with your phone or other device.

One of the best things about the AF-78’s is that they ship with the Comply foam ear tips pre-installed. Not only are these ear tips the most comfortable ear tips I’ve ever experienced, but they also provide excellent sound isolation. This means you can really be in your own world when listening to music on the AF-78’s.

Like many other high-end in-ear headphones you have a quality build with a nice braided cable that has protected connections on the ear pieces and the 3.5mm connection. The 3.5mm connector is pretty heavy duty and it is longer than most, which makes it easier to fit if you happen to have a case on your device.

The only real downside to the AF-78’s is that that the carrying tin is poorly made. The top of it falls off pretty easily and I would have liked to see a little bigger tin. You can only fit the headphones inside, not any of the included accessories.

The AF-78’s are selling at my favorite online retailer for $169.99, which you might feel is expensive for a pair of in-ear headphones, but they are worth it. A good pair of in-ear headphones are going to last you a very long time. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Audiofly AF-78 In-Ear Headphones a 9 out of 10 score and our Editor’s Choice Award!

rating9 10 small TC award editorschoice small

– Amazing sound
– Comply ear tips are extremely comfortable
– Comply ear tips offer great sound isolation
– Braided cable
– Nice accessory package

– Included carrying tin is poorly made

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