Autonomous ErgoChair 2 Review

Before you start really using the chair you are going to want to understand the controls and what they do. The controls will allow you to setup the chair perfectly for your needs. Below is a run-down on how to adjust the chair.

Headrest -> tilt to adjust the angle
Headrest -> pull up and down to adjust the height
Lumbar support -> can be adjusted up or down
Button below armrests -> adjusts the armrests up and down
Armrests -> slide to adjust front and back
Lever on back of chair -> used to lock / unlock the back of the chair
Lever on left side -> adjusts the angle of the back of the chair
Rotating handle on right side -> adjusts the strength of the back tilt tension
Larger handle on the right -> adjusts the height of the chair
Smaller handle on the right -> moves the seat cushion forward and back
Large handle on the right towards the back -> adjusts the seat tilt

As you can see this chair gives you quite a lot of different adjustments, much more than most other chairs out there. This allows you to adjust the chair perfectly to fit your body or activity you are doing. So if I’m gaming I can adjust the back closer to my body and lock it in place and set the seat tilt down a little. If I’m relaxing and watching YouTube I can set the leave the back unlocked and set the tilt of the chair back and bit so I can sort of “sit back and relax”.

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Once you master the controls you’ll be adjusting this chair all the time!

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