Autonomous ErgoChair 2 Review

Final Thoughts
I’ve been using the ErgoChair 2 for almost 3 weeks now and I have no plans of going back to my gaming chair. The two things that really stand out to me with the ErgoChair 2 is the mesh on the back and headrest and just how adjustable the chair really is. As I mentioned earlier in this review I am really used to gaming chairs, which typically are covered with PU leather. While this might feel good it really doesn’t do much to keep you cool. The breathable mesh is great, especially during long gaming sessions. Don’t worry either, it is very comfortable too!

Adjustments! Adjustments! That is what this chair is all about! Pretty much every piece of this chair can be adjusted to fit your needs. This is where this chair really stands apart from other chairs and gaming chairs. With most chairs you get height and back adjustment, but with this chair there is so much more! With the back adjustment you can even adjust the strength of the back-tilt tension. The seat can be tilted up or down and move back or foward, which can completely change how the chair feels. Of course the headrest is adjustable too! All of these adjustment features that are packed into this chair are typically reserved for higher-end chairs from the likes of Herman Miller or Steelcase.

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

One thing that also cannot be overlooked with the ErgoChair 2 is that it does have lumbar support built right in, and it is adjustable. So many mesh office chairs offer no lumbar support at all or a little piece of plastic back there. With the ErgoChair 2 you have cushioned lumbar support built right into the back of the chair.

My time with the ErgoChair 2 has been great and as I said I am not going back to my gaming chair. I’ve spent many long hours in the chair and there really is not much I would complain about. The seat cushion is a little stiff, but I think over time I will get used to it. Besides that this is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve used and the amount of adjustments and 2-year warranty really make it worth the purchase. At $299 you really are not going to find a true ergonomic chair with this much adjustment and functionality. Also remember you sit at your computer for hours a day (at least we do) so investing in an ergonomic chair will pay for itself in health benefits down the road.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

– Very comfortable
– So many adjustments!
– Proper lumbar support
– Breathable mesh design
– Price compared to high-end brands
– Easy to assemble

– Seat cushion is a little stiff

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