AYANEO 2S Featuring Ryzen 7 7840U And Improved Cooling Revealed

AYANEO recently aired a product showcase stream on their YouTube channel where they dived into the technical aspects of their upcoming AYANEO 2S refresh to last year’s AYANEO 2. The handheld console boasts significant upgrades such as the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U with Radeon 780M graphics, LPDDR5X-7500, and a revamped cooling system.

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The Ryzen 7 7840U, found in the AYANEO 2S refresh, is quite similar to the recently unveiled Ryzen Z1 Extreme that the ASUS ROG Ally can come equipped with. Both systems-on-chip boast 8 “Zen 4” cores and a 12CU RDNA3 graphics engine, all while maintaining a 15W TDP. AYANEO has also made some improvements to the cooling system for this SoC, implementing a triple heatpipe array that’s soldered to a copper heatspreader, which they’re calling the “3+1” cooling design.

According to AYANEO, their new “3+1” cooling design reduces SoC load temperatures by up to 11.6C, and it offers a 33% increase in surface area compared to the previous generation AYANEO 2. In addition, AYANEO has also made enhancements to the fit and finish of the console, specifically the body and trigger assemblies, to better conform to the shape of the hand and to make it easier to disassemble. While some improvements have been made, other specifications have remained largely the same, such as the 7-inch 1920×1200 IPS display, 16 GB RAM, and 512 GB SSD in the base configuration.

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The updated motherboard of the AYANEO 2S will be compatible with the existing AYANEO 2 chassis, and AYANEO plans to offer a new upgrade service for current AYANEO 2 owners. As of now, the pricing for both the upgrade service and the new console has not been announced, but the current AYANEO 2 sells for $1,099 – $1,499, so it’s possible that the 2S will be offered at those price points. The AYANEO 2S will come in three colors initially: “Starry Black”, “Sky White”, and a special limited edition “Retro Power” scheme. Pre-orders are expected to begin in May, with the first units set to be delivered in June.