Acer Arc A770 Predator Drops To Just $339; Giving A Tough Competition To AMD And NVIDIA

Just last week, AMD announced that their Radeon graphics cards with 16GB are now on the market for only $499, which is considerably lower than NVIDIA’s GeForce GPUs. Nevertheless, it’s important to bear in mind that Intel is also a significant player in the GPU market. Intel is determined to prove that they offer the most economical 16GB GPU option and don’t want anyone to question their leadership in this space.

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The Acer Arc A770 Predator BiFrost is a rare Intel Arc model that uses the most powerful SKU with a full ACM-G10 GPU and 16GB VRAM. It was previously sold for just $350, but the sale ended in February. In March, the price dropped to $339, but quickly went back up to its original price of $400 for over a month. Now, it seems that the previous deal is back, offering the same product for $10 less than Intel’s own Limited Edition A770 16GB.

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Acer has recently started a new sale for their Predator GPU, which is now priced at $339.99. This price point is presently the lowest for any Arc GPU and any contemporary graphics card on the market with 16GB capacity.

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The Acer Predator GPU is a customized model that features dual 8-pin power connectors, an increased TDP of 250W (+25W), and a higher base clock speed of 2.2 GHz (+100 MHz). It has a dual-slot design with two fans that use a hybrid cooling approach, combining open-air (Aero Blade 3D) and blower-type (FrostBlade) cooling designs. In addition, this card also boasts a vapor chamber to enhance its cooling capabilities.

Via Newegg