Microsoft To Take On Apple’s M-Series Chips With Their Custom ARM Chips Running Optimized Windows 12

Apple’s move towards using its own custom Silicon has been highly beneficial for its range of Mac computers. The M-series chips have been highly impressive in terms of both performance and energy efficiency, surpassing even some of the major competitors in the market. Now, it seems that Microsoft is also keen to get involved in the custom silicon game. A recent report indicates that the company is developing its own ARM chips, and is also optimizing its Windows 12 operating system to work seamlessly alongside the hardware, with the aim of achieving maximum efficiency. Check out Integra Sources services if you need windows driver development.

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A recent report from Windows Latest reveals that Microsoft is currently focusing on developing its own custom ARM chips, while also ensuring that Windows 12 is fully optimized to work alongside the new hardware. The report points to several job listings posted by the company, including roles such as Principal System on Chip Silicon Architect, Principal Design Engineer, Senior Physical Design Verification Engineer, and Senior Silicon Power Integrity CAD Mgr. The job descriptions suggest that Microsoft is actively looking to create new chips that prioritize both performance and efficiency.

Microsoft’s job listings were posted under the banner of “Microsoft Silicon Team” and were made public at the end of last month. The job descriptions indicate that successful applicants will be part of a cutting-edge computing team and will work closely with cross-functional groups to develop high-performance and innovative silicon SOC. The report suggests that Microsoft’s move towards creating custom ARM chips is a direct response to Apple’s success in this area, as the company seeks to compete more effectively in the market.

Apple has designed its chips to work seamlessly with its software, which is why the M-series chips and macOS are so well optimized. This allows MacBook users to enjoy the best possible performance and battery life. Additionally, this setup offers greater control over the hardware, enabling users to strike a balance between performance and power efficiency. Currently, Apple is reportedly working on its M3 chip, which is expected to be manufactured using TSMC’s 3nm architecture. The report also mentions that Microsoft is building Windows 12 with custom silicon optimizations in mind, which is a clear indication that the company is looking to compete with Apple in this area.

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It has been reported that Microsoft is planning to release Windows 12 next year, which will come with a range of features that are tailored to take advantage of the company’s custom chips. In particular, there is potential for the new operating system to make use of the custom ARM chip in order to support AI-centric features. However, it’s worth noting that nothing is certain yet, and we’ll have to wait for official word from Microsoft. Meanwhile, it’s clear that Apple is currently ahead of the game when it comes to custom chips, and the company is set to launch its third-generation chip based on 3nm architecture. This is expected to deliver even greater performance gains and improved battery life compared to previous models.

Via Windows Latest