Intel Employees Hint At Intel 4nm Battlemage And 3nm Celestial GPU Architectures

When development teams move on to different projects, employees tend to add new products to their list of work, which can reveal information about upcoming releases that are otherwise kept under wraps. This is how we often learn about products before they are officially announced. However, uncovering this information can be a laborious task.

Fortunately, Gamma0burst took the time to sift through various profiles from employees at companies like Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm, and some intriguing details were uncovered. While Intel employees may not always divulge the names of the products they’re working on, they may offer a small clue about the type of process that could be used for the next-gen architecture.

IMG 4932

According to the information gathered from various employee profiles, it seems that certain Intel engineers have been focused on developing discrete GPUs using 3nm and 4nm processes. Another profile indicates that there’s work being done on GPU dies for 5nm and 3nm, along with Graphics IP also being developed for 3nm. It’s worth noting that the 5nm process has already been utilized for Arc Alchemist GPUs. So, it’s possible that the next releases from Intel could be Battlemage and Celestial.

In 2022, Intel announced that their GPU ASIC team had shifted their focus entirely to the upcoming next-gen GPU series. With the release of Battlemage (Xe2) slated for next year, it’s likely that the process will soon enter a new phase of validation. It’s expected that both Battlemage and Celestial (Xe3) architectures will also launch as a GPU block for next-gen client CPUs. This could explain why one of the employee profiles references 3nm Graphics IP.

Via Gamma0burst