Intel Confirms Plan To Change Core i Series Product Naming

It has been confirmed by Bernard Fernandes, the Director of Global Communications at Intel Corporation, that the rumors about Intel changing their product naming are true. Just last week, an entry on the Ashes of the Singularity website unveiled a new product called Core Ultra 5 1003H. And now, it seems that Intel is indeed replacing the Core i5 branding with a fresh new Core 5 segmentation.

It is unclear from the leaked information or the tweet by the Intel Director whether the new branding will affect both mobile and desktop series. It is worth noting that the company is planning to launch a refreshed version of its Raptor Lake series later this year, and some speculate that it will be part of the next-gen Core lineup in some way. If that’s the case, this rebranding could potentially impact the Raptor Lake series as well.

IMG 4892

According to leakers, it is possible that the “Ultra” part of the new branding will only be optional and apply to newer SKUs, not refreshed parts. An Intel Director explained that the company is at a turning point as they develop the next generation of client products. We can expect Intel to give us more information about this new product naming scheme in the upcoming weeks.

Possible Intel Core Mobile H-series rebranding (Ultra is optional):

Core i9 1XX00H → Core (Ultra) 9 1X0XH
Core i7 1XX00H → Core (Ultra) 7 1X0XH
Core i5 1XX00H → Core (Ultra) 5 1X0XH
Core i3 1XX00H → Core (Ultra) 3 1X0XH

Not to forget AMD also made a similar change to their mobile product naming last year. This allowed AMD to include as many as three Zen and two RDNA architectures under one product stack. Intel could potentially adopt a similar approach.