AYANEO KUN Teased With Ryzen 7 7840U, Fingerprint Scanner And Trackpads

AYANEO has unveiled additional information about the AYA NEO KUN, which is anticipated to be the most robust Windows handheld device from the brand to date. With its 8.4-inch screen, it surpasses other gaming handhelds, and it boasts nearly full-sized game controls and a pair of touchpads. Initially hinted at in January, the AYANEO KUN was recently showcased alongside the AYANEO Pocket Air.

IMG 6386

AYA NEO has suggested that the KUN will outperform its previous Windows handhelds in terms of power, although specific details about its capabilities have not been disclosed. It is expected to surpass the well-equipped AYA NEO NEXT II, which combines Ryzen 7000 APUs with discrete GPUs. The KUN’s generous display size positions it as a direct competitor to the ONEXPLAYER 2. Notably, a global variant of the ONEXPLAYER 2 featuring the Ryzen 7 7840U APU is currently accessible.

Sporting a candy bar design, the AYANEO KUN boasts gamepad buttons and controls that are nearly full-sized. This upcoming gaming handheld is said to include hall-sensing joysticks, hall triggers, two touch pads, and an 8-directional d-pad. Additionally, the device is equipped with three sets of shoulder buttons, a front-facing camera, and a fingerprint scanner that supports Windows Hello authentication.

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As per the brand’s CEO, the AYA NEO KUN is expected to feature a sizable battery, which could result in a slightly heavier device compared to its competitors. Although specific release and pricing information for the AYA NEO KUN is not available at the moment, it is anticipated that the handheld will be introduced through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in the near future.