AYANEO Teases Next Lite Handheld With SteamOS Preinstalled

AYANEO is set to launch a budget-friendly console called NEXT LITE, featuring the design and features of the current NEXT handheld console but running on SteamOS. It’s essential to clarify that NEXT LITE is not a replacement for the current NEXT model, which utilizes Ryzen 5 5825U processors with Vega graphics. Instead, it offers an alternative with a different operating system at a more affordable price point.

NEXT LITE adopts SteamOS, the identical platform used in Steam Deck consoles. SteamOS, an open-source software, is accessible for utilization by any company. Although AYANEO hasn’t confirmed collaboration, this signifies the initial instance of a new product incorporating SteamOS without direct development involvement from Valve, despite Valve’s openness to providing driver support and aiding companies in system adaptation for various devices.


AYANEO emphasizes that the NEXT Lite will feature a 7-inch 800p screen and a 47 Wh battery, aligning with the specifications of the non-Lite version. Despite this, the current console is listed on the company’s webpage at $1,300, suggesting a substantial price reduction is needed for it to be truly considered “budget-friendly.” The console is set to launch in two days, and it’s anticipated that AYANEO may initiate another crowdfunding campaign.

Source: AYANEO