B650E Chipset Is Finally Happening As Per Leaked ASRock’s AMD 600-series Motherboards List

AMD has been trying to remain mum about the B650E chipset so far, but it seems like the secret could no longer be held. The leaked list of ASRock’s AMD 600 series motherboards does indeed confirms the existence of the B650E chipset. The B650 chipset is going to support PCIe Gen5 storage and graphics and will be included in ASRock’s and AMD’s upcoming 600-series lineup.


ASRock has been going above and beyond to ensure that no information is leaked out in the open regarding its motherboards which are in the pipeline currently. Recently, a list of the company’s Z790 and H770 motherboards was shared. These motherboards are based on Intel’s Raptor Lake – the new 13th Gen Core series. The list just doesn’t stop there; in the coming months, we will be seeing more CPU series. Some manufacturers are also working on 600-series motherboards for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 series codenamed as the ‘Raphael”.

Up until now, the only official announcement has been for the X670E motherboards, so any models related to this series won’t be a surprise for us. The mid-range B650 lineup by ASRock is what that has been kept under the carpet for a long time now, hence making this reveal as interesting as it gets. We are looking forward to several new models which will include the Micro-ATX, the Mini-ATX, and a very interesting model developed with NZXT.

AMD 600 series chipsets 3

So far only the EXTREME variant of the X670 chipset has been announced, coming with PCIe Gen5 graphics support. If you want an all-around gen 5 support, then this is going to cost extra due to the extra cost of Gen 5 re-drivers. In this regard, the B650E series is going to have the ideal PCB, providing better signaling for Gen 5 protocols.

Adding these features is going to add up more premium in the price of the Extreme series. However, considering you will be getting PCIe Gen5 and DDR5 compatible motherboard for years definitely sounds like you struck a deal.

CPU and memory overclocking will be supported by both the B650 and X670 series. For more details, let us wait till AMD officially announces more on the 600-series. Rumors are that the X670 series is going to launch first, most probably in September along with the Ryzen 7000 series. The B650 motherboards, on the other hand, will make their way in by October.

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