Upcoming HYDRA 1.2 OC Tool Will Get Zen4 Support and RX-Tuner Auto Tuning For Radeon GPUs

Yuri ‘1usmus’ Bubliy has just announced the latest version of the Hydra 1.2 OC sandbox designed exclusively for Ryzen CPUs. As opposed to what it might look like, it is not some admin panel for a nuclear reactor, but an OC sandbox for CPUs.

HYDRA 1.2 2

Thanks to the upcoming Hydra 1.2 software from Yuri, the Ryzen CPU is going to get a design overhaul and also some new optimizations for CPU tuning. The most important factor is that it will support the upcoming Zen4 processors. In addition to this, the Hydra 1.2 will also provide increased flexibility AMD Performance Boost Overdrive 2 in addition to supporting new curve optimizer diagnostics.

This will be the first time that Hydra will provide support for Radeon RX graphics card tuning, including the RDNA3 GPUs too. From what we can see, there seems to be noticeable support for the fan control system, voltage adjustments, and CPU clock. In short, with these efforts with Hydra 1.2, Yuri has managed to create a one-app solution for both Radeon and Ryzen products.

HYDRA 1.2 1

We would like to see some more information coming on the RX-Tuner which is the Radeon tuning feature with potential optimization options and the developer has indeed promised to provide this information soon. With help from the RDNA3 architecture, there seems to be more possibilities for overclocking which will in turn reduce the power requirements and result in better thermals and performance.

Via VideoCardz