NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition Is Now Available For $400 Less Than MSRP

In the most surprising turn of events, NVIDIA’s newest and fastest Ampere GPU is selling for a massively discounted price of only $1,600. The RTX 3090 Ti model had just launched at the start of the year in March and considering that it is the company’s flagship GPU, it seems like quite a reduction.

RTX 3090TI

The launch of this AD102-based card seems to have come at a wrong time when the GPU market was already witnessing a continuous declining trend in prices, wreaking havoc on the cryptocurrency as well as the GPU market. Seeing this trend, miners rushed to sell their cards, creating an oversupply of RT 30 cards and causing prices to decline.

In the US, Best Buy, being NVIDIA’s official selling partner, seems to be your best bet for buying Founders Edition models. The company hasn’t officially announced any price cuts. This reduction in price by $400 is a retailer discount per say. Best Buy is definitely not incurring any loss selling these cards at a lower price; they just managed to strike a deal with NVIDIA which we hope lasts for a long time.


The official GeForce website lists this same model with a price tag of $2,000. This hints towards a possible coming back to the original price sometime in the future, but it would be hard to sell on this MSRP considering the current situation of the market.

Amidst all this, the anticipation for the next gen RTZ 40 GPU stands tall and as soon as we start seeing leaks and news on this, the sales of the current gen cards will be highly affected. This means that the retailers will be trying their best to sell the maximum number of RTX 30 models by the end of September.

Via BestBuy