PowerLink 52U Adapter For EVGA RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin Features FIVE 8-pin Connectors

In its recent public post, EVGA has addressed concerns regarding the right ways to deal with the power requirements of its Kingpin GPU. EVGA recently announced that its flagship RTX 3090 Kingpin graphics card will be available at a price tag of $2,500. It comes as part of a bundle offer with a 1600W power supply which can support up to 9 PEG power connectors for graphics cards. However, the power supply lacks the native PCIe Gen5 16-pin power connectors which are required for the EVGA Kingpin model. Hence, it can only work with adapters.

EVGA seems to have found a way around this glitch by coming up with a special power adapter. Since the company’s cards require up to 6 cables, and it is hard to find power supplies which come with native connectors, this is where the PowerLink 52U comes into play. This is EVGA’s special five 8-pin to two 16-pin adapter.


The company’s RTX 3090 Ti comes with two 16-pin connectors, each of which will require 450W of power. Therefore, each connector is going to need three 150W 8-pin power cables. With the PowerLink52U, only five 8-pin cables are required. With this PowerLink52U attached, it is surely easier to manage cables.

It is not clear whether this PowerLink 52U will be ready for the RTX 40 series or not, since it is only advertised for the RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin so far. The other RTX 3090 Ti models from EVGA don’t require two 16-pin power cables so they would work with other adaptors.

We are very sure that the next-gen custom models are going to need two 16-pin power connectors since rumors regarding the RTX 4090 graphics card suggest that they would be based on 450W of TDP. It doesn’t make much sense why EVGA would create an adaptor for only one kind of card, but it is too early to say whether it would have any utility with future cards or not.


Via VideoCardz