Intel ARC A750 To Feature 8-pin and 6-pin Power Connectors

Intel’s Ryan Shrout and Tom Peterson recently paid a visit to Gamers Nexus, discussing the new Arc Alchemist desktop graphics. GamersNexus has presented their overview of the Arc desktop series in their latest video review. The video goes in-depth with product stack explanation as well as the state of the development of drivers. The video also showcases the latest entry-level model, the A380, alongside the higher-end model, the A750. This is the first time the A750 has made a public debut.


If you are wondering if the A750 is the same card which Intel displayed at this year’s IEM in June, then yes you are absolutely right. However, the card shown at that time wasn’t fully equipped with the ACM-G10 GPU. Mobbing ahead, we are not so sure what Intel had in mind when it said it’s a limited edition, but from the details, we know it appears that this might only be a special edition in terms of display.

We are yet to know the official specs of the A750 as Intel has revealed nothing so far. The only little information we have right now is regarding the launch which might be happening anytime soon. Certain things can be deduced from the product’s name itself such as that it features a cut-down ACM-G10 GPU which is most likely going to come with 24 Xe-Cores and a GDDDR6 memory of 12 GB.

Intel ARC A750

In the video, the A750 has been shown from different angles. We can also view the side where there are two 8-pin and 6-pin power connectors. With this type of configuration, we are speculating the card will easily power through 225W, with an additional 75W coming in through the PCI-Express slot.

With the latest picture of the desktop Arc Alchemist A310 graphics card publicly shared, we can say that we have seen three of the five upcoming desktop SKUs. It remains unclear how many desktop GPUs Intel is working on and what are their specs. But with the given information, we have concluded that the Arc A380 is going to be priced somewhere between $129 to $139 once it launches in the US market.

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