Intel Announces September 27th “Innovation” Event

Intel has recently announced its Innovation event, which focused solely on developers, especially those who are working on AI, client computing, cloud, and future innovations. Intel has clarified that this event is not meant to be a product launch, but considering this event is spread out across 2 days and will have demos, workshops, and tech sessions, we are suspecting a product announcement. This is what happened during the last event too, so we can’t be entirely wrong.

Intel Innovation 2022

Intel has listed AI, Cloud and Accelerated computed, and 5G networks as the main areas which will be focused on during the event.

What’s more important is that Intel has confirmed keynotes by both Pat Gelsinger (CEO) and Greg Lavender (CTO). There seem to be more hints signaling towards product announcement as the event is syncing perfectly with the development of Intel’s 13th Gen Core series which has been codenamed as the Raptor Lake and is going to be unveiled soon now. With a livestreamed keynote, the Innovation is going to be a great platform for sharing what is coming next.

Intel Innovation 2022 2

The last event in October 2021 unveiled the 12th Gen Core series known as the Alder Lake, so we have our fingers crossed for this year.

Via Intel