Corsair Releases K70 Pro Mini Wireless Keyboard With Hot Swappable Key Switches

It is definitely a tough decision when you have to choose which keyboards and key switches are right for you. Choosing the right keyboard requires a lot of thinking about the types you are comfortable with. With its latest development, Corsair has aimed to make life easier for you as it announces the K70 Pro Mini which is the company’s wireless mechanical keyboard that comes with swappable key switches, similar to Logitech’s Pro X.

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Corsair’s K70 Pro Mini comes in two different versions. Depending on your preference, you can either have the Cherry MX Speed or the Cherry MX Red. The Cherry MX Red is a smooth and comparatively quieter, while the Cherry MX Speed, though quiet and smooth, also comes with an actuation point that enables faster action.


Additionally, there are the hot-swappable key switches, meaning that you get to change them if you want something else. Whenever you get bored, you can easily change and get new switches to get an overall new look. This is going to cost you much less than buying a new keyboard altogether.

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Corsair is also flaunting their new “wear and shine resistant PBT double-shot keycaps” which will come with aluminum frames and RGB lighting. There is also going to be an accent bar which you can also replace if you want more customization. For a compact footprint, the K70 Pro Mini has a dedicated number pad. The dongle included enables the wireless technology, and you can also enable it through Bluetooth or a USB cord which will give you a “lightning-fast 8,000Hz hyper-polling” rate.

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Other interesting features include per-key RGB backlighting which provides up to 20 layers of onboard lighting effects. Along with this, there is custom macro support and a battery life which extends to 32 hours with the RG lighting and 200 hours without it. The K70 Pro Mini is now up for sale for 179.99 USD.

Via Corsair