Intel Core i9-13900K Pre-production Sample Is 10% faster Than The Core i9-12900K

Intel’s Raptor Lake has received a full review, just shy of its official launch. The sample that has been reviewed is obviously not a full-fledged production unit but as a qualification sample, it pretty much comes at par with the original unit which will go into the market after launch this year.

13900K QS CBRR23

The sample features 24 cores and 32 threads CPU which had power limits set between 125W and 250W. This confirms that this is a K-series unit. The reviewer, Extreme Player, from China has shared CPU- Z based data and it concludes that the sample’s clock speeds are similar to the clock speeds of the processor which we saw a couple of days ago at Geekbench. This shows a base clock of 3.0 GHz and a boost clock of 5.5 GHz. There might be variations based on the kind of boost technology you are using.

13900K QS CBR20

ASUS ROG Z690 Extreme motherboard was used with the processor along with a DDR5 memory with speeds of 6400 MT/s. The system features GeForce RTX 3060 Ti graphics and comes with the Thermalright AIO Frozen Magic 360 cooling solution. It runs on 1500W of power supply.

13900K QS TEST1

According to the Chinese reviewer, the 13900K appears to be 10% faster than the 12900KF when it comes to single-core tests. It is also 35% faster in multi-thread workloads. Results vary according to the kind of test but in general, the Raptor Lake appears to be 46.34% fast in multi-core CPU-Z as compared to the Alder Lake CPU. An important note not to be missed here is that the performance boost we are seeing in the Raptor Lake is due to the higher clocks. If the same frequency is used for both processors, they will reach the same level of performance on the CPU-Z test.

An important thing to note is also the amount of thermal efficiency which is required from CPU coolers to function at these higher clocks. The 13900K has been tested using Intel’s own XTU tool and it reached a peak temperature of 100°C. Despite the very trustworthy 360 AIO cooler, the system did begin to throttle.

Intel Core i9 13900K 1200x657 1

Intel has made no official announcement regarding the launch date of its 13th Gen Core series but if we are to trust the rumors, then it should be available by October this year.

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