Batman Arkham Knight Capped At 30 FPS On PC

It looks like the newly released Batman Arkham Knight is having a very rocky release. Users of the game have already started reporting all types of performance issues and bug, this is one systems running both AMD and NVIDIA hardware.

Batman Arkham Knight

Quite a lot of people have gone to Steam to voice their opinion on the game and the reviews are quite bad. As of writing this the game has 1957 negative reviews! Looking over many of the reviews we can see people complaining about poor image quality, stuttering, flickering, crashing, etc.



Many of these users who have reported issues have hardware that far exceeds the minimum requirements of the game. One of the biggest complaints of users is that the PC version of the game is capped at 30 FPS! We are not exactly sure why any game studio would do this? Maybe because the game is a port from a console version and they don’t understand what PC gamers want? PC gamers want to game at 60 FPS and have the hardware to do so, so it really makes no sense why the game is capped at 30 FPS!

Apparently you can lift this 30 FPS limit by editing the .ini files of the game, but even still many users are complaining they can’t even achieve a 60 FPS average. And this is from users with good hardware too, one such user has a GeForce GTX Titan X and he says he cannot maintain a 60 FPS average gaming in 1080p!

All I know is that Rocksteady better make some changes and get some updates rolling so the game isn’t a total flop!

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