Batman Arkham Knight Still Broken After Its Re-Release

Batman Arkham Knight for PC was re-released this week (October 28th) after its initial launch back in June was mired with problems that caused Warner Bros to actually suspend sales of the game.

Batman Arkham Knight

Just hours after the game hit Steam this week Warner Bros were forced to issue a statement via its Steam page warning that Windows 7 users may have hard drive paging issues after playing the game for long periods, which could be resolved by “simply re-launching the game” and that Windows 10 users would require 12GB of RAM for a playable experience.

Here is the statement:

“Hi everyone! I’m going to jump in and help out Yorick as a second pair of eyes and ears for you all.

With the game now available for sale, I wanted to provide a status update since the release of the September patch.

As we confirmed earlier today, the PC version of the game now supports all add-on content that has been released thus far for console. The configurations for this content are being updated now and we expect everything to be available in the next few hours. We’ll confirm when this process is completed.

We are still working with our GPU partners to add full support for SLI and Crossfire. In addition, we are working with these partners to address stability issues on certain cards related to the latest drivers.

After extensive testing, a hard drive paging issue with some GPUs on Windows 7 may occur after extended gameplay sessions. If you encounter this, simply re-launching the game will resolve the issue.

For Windows 10 users, we’ve found that having at least 12GB of system RAM on a PC allows the game to operate without paging and provides a smoother gameplay experience.

UPDATE: We became aware of an issue with the Season Pass DLC content where it was not being downloaded automatically. We’ve recently resolved this issue with help from Valve, and everyone should be receiving their Season Pass content now.”

I think this has to be the worse release in PC history with all of its bugs, etc. This really shows that you simply don’t port a game and you actually take the time to make the PC version playable.

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