Be A Professional Gamer & Streamer With the Pro Streamer From CyberPowerPC

There are a few different reasons to have two systems in a single chassis, but one of the more practical ones is streaming. Streaming has become a huge in the past couple of years and many people are making a full-time living off of streaming. For this reason CyberPowerPC has come up with the Pro Streamer Line, which puts two systems in one system specifically designed for streaming.

The ways the CyberPowerPC has set up the Pro Streamers is with a full ATX system for gaming and a mini-ITX system with a capture card for streaming. This way you don’t have capture and streaming programs taking up resources on your gaming machine. This also gives you the ability to connect a webcam, and casting microhphone to the second system. And in the case your gaming machine goes down or you have a driver issue and it restarts your stream will stay up.


CyberPowerPC is able to fit two system in one case by making use of Phantek’s Enthoo Mini XL case.


CyberPowerPC will be offering the Pro Streamer in three different configurations the Pro Streamer 100, Pro Streamer 200, and Pro Streamer 300. All of which can be configured on CyberPowerPC’s webiste. The system that was on display was one of the more high-end units, that had a custom water cooling loop.

Another really cool thing about the Pro Streamer is that it will come with a full rear layout that will show you how to connect everything correctly.


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