Mushkin Previewing a 4TB SSD at CES

Mushkin will be updating their entire SSD product line in 2016. One of the products that will be updated will be the Reactor drive. This drive was based on the Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller. The SM2246EN has been updated to support 3D NAND and drive capacities up to 2TB. Mushkin will be using this controller to expand the Reactor’s size to 2TB.


Mushkin lets us know that the drive will be designed with 3D MLC NAND flash, but did not tell us where they will be sourcing the flash from. Expect to see 2TB versions of the Reactor in Q2 of this year and Mushkin wants to hit the $0.25 per GB mark with this drive.

Mushkin was also previewing a 4TB drive at the show. But how can that be when the SM2246EN controller only supports a 2TB capacity? Mushkin was able to solve this by basically putting two Reactor 2TB solid state drives on a single PCB. The drives are then joined together via JBOD with a separate controller.


We do not know if Mushkin will keep the Reactor naming or go with something new with this drive. They are expecting a to price the drive at $500, which will make it very affordable. Expect to see it after the launch of the Reactor 2TB.

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