be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Case Review

be quiet! is a company that when we were introduced to them mainly made power supplies, CPU coolers, and fans. Not that long ago they started to venture into cases and actually made a pretty good name for themselves in that area. Today we have the pleasure of checking out their flagship PC case, the Dark Base Pro 900. This massive case has room inside for some of the most insane setups, comes with three of be quiet’s own SilentWings 3 PWM fans, has a removable motherboard tray and modular internal design, two included LED strips, and even an integrated wireless charger for Qi enabled devices. It seems like be quiet! has though of everything possible with this case. Let’s jump in and see if that is true!

Special thanks to be quiet! for providing us with the Dark Base Pro 900 case to review.

PSU form factor: ATX PS/2
Motherboard compatibility: E-ATX, XL-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX
Case size incl. stands (L x W x H): 577 x 243 x 585mm
Dimensions side panel window (L x W): 479 x 525mm
Color option: Orange
Weight (kg): 14.39
USB 2.0: 2
USB 3.0: 2
HD Audio I/O: 1
Expansion slots: 8
Fan mounting locations: 10
Qi charger:

The Dark Base Pro 900 comes in a very large full-color box. Something we really do not see much anymore. On the front it has a photo of the case and it lets us know we have the Dark Base Pro 900 and that our version is the orange version. There are actually four different Dark Base Pro 900 versions, which we will get into in a little bit.

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

Flipping over to the back we have even more photos of the case and many of the main features are detailed.

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

As we open the box up inside we find the Dark Base Pro very well protected by two large pieces of styrofoam and a large cloth cover.

bequiet dbp 900 3 bequiet dbp 900 4

As far as accessories that come with the Dark Power Pro 900 you actually get a lot. You of course have the normal stuff like the user’s manual and mounting screws, but you also get two large LED strips, pump and reservoir mounts, and some nice velcro ties.

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

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