be quiet! Silent Wings 2 Case Fans Review

Silent Wings 2 Overview
My initial impression of these fans is one of precision and quality. They have a nice heavy construction and very small margins making for some impressive exactness. Aside from quality and construction I find them to look fantastic! I think anyone with a dark themed build would likely agree with me. I also imagine that every Batmobile from here on will be equipped with these sleek stealthy looking fans to keep things cool while fighting crime.

be quiet! Silent Wings 2 Fans

I’ve mentioned the mounting system already and I have to say it is very neat. It’s also very simple and I think anyone can manage to get it right. The Silent Wings 2 come with 2 sets of mounting hardware. You take these pieces and clip them into the corners of the fans and attach your screws or push pins to them. There are three possible configurations. The first is a plastic hard mount which is to be used when you must use screws and when silence is of the least importance and fan stability is more so. For instance you would want to use these mounts when sandwiching them between a radiator and your case.

be quiet! Silent Wings 2 Fans be quiet! Silent Wings 2 Fans

The second option is the “S” side of the soft rubber mounts. This side is the moderate silence mount. It will allow the fan casing to make contact with the surface it is mounted to. Fortunately the casings leading edge is rubberized and noise resistant.

The third and final option is the “L” side of the soft mount which is slightly longer than the “S” side and does not allow the fan to make contact with the mounting surface. This mount is least stable, but most isolated from creating vibrations and sound.

be quiet! Silent Wings 2 Fans be quiet! Silent Wings 2 Fans

The sound damping doesn’t stop with the mounts though. These fans feature liquid dynamic bearings with an advanced IC motor controller which both work to reduce noise. Add to that a proprietary blade design and rubberized rims on both sides of the mounting areas and these fans are built not to make a peep!