be quiet!’s All-Digital Dark Power Pro 12 Debuts at CES 2020

Power supplies are often overlooked when choosing system components, but be quiet! is trying their hardest to change that behavior. Here at CES 2020 we were able to take a look at one of their latest power supplies, the Dark Power Pro 12, a fully digital power supply with an 80PLUS Titanium rating. Fully digital power supplies are not necessarily new or rare, but having such high efficiency in a fully digital package is something new.

Dark Power Pro 12

Available in both 1200 watt and 1500 watt versions, the Dark Power Pro 12 is housed in an all aluminum body, and is cooled by a frameless 135mm Silent Wings 3 fan. And while the fan is frameless, there is an airflow optimized shroud that helps to guide air in from the mesh grille.

Dark Power Pro 12 Dark Power Pro 12 Dark Power Pro 12

Included with the Dark Power Pro 12 is one of the largest bundles of modular cables we have ever seen included with a power supply. And these aren’t just your standard loomed or even flat cables. No, these are individually sleeved cables, which are complimented by a group of cable combs to keep things nice and tidy.

Dark Power Pro 12 Dark Power Pro 12

Available in February, the be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 can be had for around $389 for the 1200 watt version, or $439 for the 1500 watt version.