Beginner Tips and Tricks for Playing Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a team-based battle royale first-person-shooter game that is gaining popularity in the console and PC world. The game is free to download and play but has a lot of in-game items that you can buy via microtransactions. You don’t necessarily have to spend a dime to have a taste of all this game has to offer. Instead of spending money to buy in-game items that you can get for free when you play and accrue the Legend Tokens, you should focus on building your skills. It also feels good to see yourself accomplish a mission. Here are some beginner tips and tricks that you need to know to put yourself and your squad on the path of becoming champions.

1. Play with PRO

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Apex Legends is fun to play. Unfortunately, many beginners die within the first few minutes. Playing with someone who understands the game and is willing to give you tips and tricks will make you finish each of your gaming sessions full of satisfaction. It is hard to find an elite team, especially when you are still a beginner. Instead of having to struggle to stay alive at the same time trying to understand how the game works, you should hire Apex Legends coach. The coach will provide you with VIP experiences that will equip you with the knowledge that you need to help your squad win. Use Legionfarm to play with the top 0.1% Apex Legend players that are non-toxic and very helpful teammates.

2. Stay with the jumpmaster

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Apex Legends has 12 playable characters. You are required to choose one character to start playing. Each character has tactical, passive, and ultimate abilities.

All characters are the same. They move with the speed and can pick up and use any gear. No matter the legend you pick, you can still be able to make it to the end of the match. Taking each character or legend for a spin can help you know their abilities and which one suits you best. Wraith and Bangalore are the best legends for players who like to go in guns blazing. Gibraltar and Bloodhound are the best for cautious battle royale players. If you have been playing a healer role in other games, Lifeline is the best for you.

When starting the game, you will be tossed into a squad of two other players. Like other battle royal games, you are to drop from an airship on the map. The jumpmaster will control where the entire team is to land and can make it easy for the squad to stick together. You also have an option to follow the jumpmaster or jump by yourself at your chosen point. Breaking off from the jumpmaster and going your way is risky. Splitting off from your squad is a recipe for an early demise. Your enemies will have an easy time to attack you, and you will have no one to revive you. When you land on the map as a team, you should continue staying as a team.

3. Pick weapons and items carefully

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When you land on the map, you should pick each loot that you find. In the first 90 seconds, you should not be selective on the weapons you are picking. It is better to have weak weaponry than have none.

Once you have at least two weapons, you can now start to be selective and pick what you think can help save you. You have eight slots in your backpack, but you can find new backpacks to expand how many items and weapons you can hold.

When you find a new gun on the map, you should look for ammunition close to it. Apart from guns, remember to grab medkits, syringes, body shield, shield cells, and their batteries for extra protection.

4. Communicate with your teammates

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You have an option to use the mic to communicate with your squad. If you are mic shy, this is still the best game for you. Press the middle mouse button on PC, the right bumper on Xbox, or the R1 button on PlayStation 4 to mark a location as a way of communicating with your team. Double-tap to mark a region you’ve spotted an enemy. Tap the button once to say Yes and tap twice to say No when you hover to another player’s mark. If you find an item that you want your team to pick, tap the button over the item to mark its location.

5. Move quickly

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Apex Legend is better played fast. Make sure to use the zip lines and balloons. You also have an option to slide to be able to move with extra speed. Apex Legend does not have fall damage, don’t be afraid of sliding in a slope.

6. Revive fallen teammate

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When a squadmate dies, you can pick the banner they leave behind to revive them. Be careful when doing this to avoid exposing yourself to your enemies. It is easy to get killed when helping your buddy. When your enemy hits you, try to crawl to a safe position to avoid putting your teammate at risk when reviving you.