Best Study Resources to Pass Microsoft 70-461 Exam and Why Exam Dumps Can Be Helpful

Undoubtedly, Microsoft’s products are in high demand across the world. And this demand also applies to skilled personnel who provide solutions for these products and related technologies. One of the leading technologies nowadays is the Microsoft SQL Server. To be efficient in this area, professionals must master a number of various top-notch tech skills. And this brings us to the MCSA certification in Windows Server 2012/2014 which also is a lucky ticket for your future career as a software database analyst or developer.

In this post, we are going to discuss the Microsoft 70-461 assessment, one of the exams needed to get this badge. You will learn about its details, related skills, and the best resources to use in honing the skills and passing Practice Test Dumps 70-461 with flying colors.

Test 70-461 Details

Gaining the MCSA in Windows Server 2012/2014 needs acing three assessments that include 70-461, 70-462, and 70-463. The Microsoft 70-461 test intends to assist those who wish to acquire the expertise to query the 2012/2014 Microsoft SQL Server. Before you sit for the test, you need to get familiar with topics such as designing database objects and working with and modifying data. You also must know how to troubleshoot as well as optimize queries.

Other details for this exam include Exam-labs 40-60 questions that take 120 minutes. Answering them requires candidates to understand the question patterns as they all differ depending on the exam. It’s possible to meet multiple-choice, case study, short answer, fill-in-the-blank, build lists, active screen, and review screen question types among the rest. 70-461 is scored out of 1000 points, and you’re expected to get at least 700 marks or more not to fail this exam. You have to register with $165 to be listed for taking this Microsoft test.

As far as you can see, getting the minimum score for the exam demands adequate preparation. You need to study with reliable resources that we will cover next. They have been included in this post to ensure you know how to go about acquiring the skills as well as the knowledge needed to get the desired grades.

Best Study Resources to Pass 70-461

If you utilize the resources below, you will give your 70-461 prep the support it needs. Here are the best study resources to sharpen your tech skills:

  • Microsoft Website

It’s important to walk your exam prep journey with knowledge based on factual information. The official website for Microsoft provides interested parties with details of the upcoming assessment they wish to begin preparing for. The available details include the test policies, registration, objectives, structure, and study materials among other critical things. This will assist candidates to follow the right procedure as they are getting ready to sit for their exam. When it comes to Microsoft 70-461 exam prep options, they include:

  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server instructor-led training course,
  • Exam 70-461 prep video,
  • Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-461 study guide,
  • Microsoft Learning Community,
  • Official practice test.

To know more about all of these prep alternatives, check the Microsoft 70-461 test page.

  • com

This is another best study resource for the ‘Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 exam’. has a goal to help candidates with the most qualitative resources for practice. This involves availing past questions usually accompanied by answers that were designed specifically to cover the exam topics. Previous test candidates are the ones responsible for creating and uploading these questions.’s Premium Bundle comprises an expert-verified exam dump, a training course of lectures, and a study guide for the Microsoft 70-461 prep. When you purchase this package at $59.99, it means that you will access 252 questions with validated answers, 147 lectures, and a study guide of 1225 pages. These three revision items were designed to build up your confidence since they are reliable and regularly updated.

To spice things up, also shares the free ete files that are attached to their page and are really helpful in your 70-461 prep. Download and use them to check how far you are into mastering the assessment objectives. To have an interesting interaction with the free and paid dumps, you must as well download and use the ETE Exam Simulator.

  • com

Do you learn best through video tutorials? Then should be your exam study resource of choice. Many candidates prefer video tutorials as they offer them flexibility. You can watch the videos anytime and from anywhere you are. The videos are also best when you are tired of reading a textbook and wish to study with alternative options. Some of 70-461 tutorials available on YouTube include:

  • SQL Server Tutorial for Beginners,
  • MCSA Certification Prep: Exam 461,
  • 70-461 Test Prep – Tools.

With the proper use of these resources for your test prep, you can’t miss achieving the grades you need to move to the next assessment. The right sources combined with workable study techniques will give you what you desire. So, don’t focus on acquiring the resources only. Create a plan to guide you from day one of your study until you come to the end. This plan should include what you would like to attain at the end of your revision.


To become a qualified software database developer or analyst, you need to approach the exams for the MCSA certification in Windows Server 2012/2014 with diligence. One good thing is that you’ll be taking them one at a time, starting with the Microsoft 70-461 exam. So to boost your chances of doing great in this test, make good use of your study time and determine to get the best out of official training options, reliable exam dumps from, and the video tutorials available to you through YouTube. Once you begin your preparation for the main assessment, never look back. Push yourself hard until you achieve your goals and then your career is going to thank you for all the dedication.