ID Cards and Visitors – For the Safety of All

If you work in an industry where visitors frequent your offices or workshop, it is your duty to ensure that they are kept as safe as possible just as if they were one of your employees. Whether this is through guided tours or borrowed PPE, there is always something you can do to keep a visitor safe. ID cards can also play a massive role in this task. Let’s take at some of the benefits of implementing a system of ID cards for visitors. If you are looking for Flight Sim Joystick Recommendations click here.

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Printing ID Cards

ID cards are easy to manufacture and can be cheap to make in terms of overhead costs. With a printer on hand and a stack of blank cards, you will easily be able to create ID cards for your visitors. As soon as they enter your property, their photo can be taken and applied to the card. You can find out more about the properties of ID cards like this here:

This is incredibly important as it gives the visitor something that clearly indicates that they are not a member of staff. As a result, they cannot be accidentally asked to complete a task that only a staff member should take part in, or they can be identified if they are in the wrong area. Providing visitor ID cards like this is a necessary security measure for all.

Controlling Access

ID cards like these can also be programmed with certain controlled access permissions. If you have locks throughout your building, you may want to grant your visitors the chance to open some of them. For example, you may wish to let them exit through a door to access facilities like toilets or your staff canteen.

These permissions can also be time-sensitive for security sake. For example, you could give a visitor 12-hour access. This will be plenty of time for them to conduct their business, and then the permissions will time-out naturally on the card if they forget to turn it back in. If they need to return, a new card can be issued. It is a simple way to ensure that visitors cannot go somewhere within your premises where they will be unsupervised and run the risk of becoming injured.

Quick Identification

No-one wants to imagine something like a fire drill taking place when an important visitor is around, but you still need to be prepared in case something like this happens. While your staff members will all know their muster points, a visitor might not be so clear on what should happen.

By providing them with a visitor badge, it will be a clear indicator that they may require help. Though you may offer a quick safety talk as part of the tour, you also need to make sure that they can be clearly identified in situations where they may become lost – purely for their own safety.

If you have visitors to your site, you need to consider investing in ID cards now. You never know when it might prove to be one of the best safety measures you could choose.

Image: Pixabay