Why Businesses Need Up to Date Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is rarely far from the news. In the past ten years, some of the biggest and most damaging stories related to the digital side of businesses have covered data breaches, hacks, and other malware intrusions into the systems that govern large companies. These are both embarrassing and costly: if a hacker does breach your security, they’re able to steal data and resources. You may also be liable to be sued in court, too. As such, here are four reasons why businesses need to update their security solutions in 2020.

Avoid a Data Breach

When you’re a business that’s storing sensitive data, you’re responsible for that data. Sensitive data includes everything from the name and email address of your customers, to the marketing information that you’ve stored on your systems to help you target consumers across the internet. If these details are found and stolen by bad actors, you’ll have a difficult time dealing with the resultant mess. Worst of all, most countries now have a stringent set of data protection laws that are designed to punish those who suffer data breaches. For SMEs, this can, therefore, spell the beginning of a very costly period. Only high-quality security can protect you from such threats.

Remote Working

In these unprecedented days, with COVID-19 keeping many of us away from our places of work, remote working has become the ‘new normal’ around which we operate. With these new conditions of work come new ways in which we need to protect our business IT infrastructure. That’s because the networks that your workers are using are no longer centralized – they’re working from their home internet suppliers and their home devices. As such, new and up-to-date security solutions will be a must going forwards, as the nation and the world adapts to home working.

Maintain Productivity

As well as being costly, an invasion of your digital infrastructure – whether by hackers or by malware – can interrupt your work and leave your workers without tasks to perform for several hours or even days. With this latent threat to your business’ productivity, you need to be prepared with cybersecurity software to prevent invasions into your digital systems. By using up to date security software, much of it available from the experts at www.bytes.co.uk, you’ll be able to continue working each and every day without your systems failing due to a hack or malware attack.

Data Officer

In many nations around the world, a business will need to elect a data professional to protect the company’s data and the data that your company possesses on others outside of your company. This data officer is responsible for keeping this data safe and putting in place the protocols that will protect the data. The data officer is also liable, as and when data is breached. As such, this data officer will be the most motivated individual in your team to get the right cybersecurity systems in place – and they’ll be sure to work hardest to modernize your IT security in 2020.

Use these four insights to strengthen your cybersecurity systems in 2020.