Gaming VS Coronavirus: The WHO recommends video games as an effective way to stop the spread of the virus

The new coronavirus has had an unexpected impact around the world. People have tried to come up with different self-isolation ideas to keep themselves entertained, as many people are forced to stay inside.

Online gaming during the quarantine has been a popular way for people to pass the time. There’s something out there for everyone, whether you want to play for fun or try to make a bit of extra cash.

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The benefits of playing video games while staying inside

With all of the stress of coronavirus news, gaming in quarantine is a great way to let go of some of the stress behind. Video games let you immerse yourself in another world for a while. This is a great distraction and allows you to relax and have fun, while staying safe at home.

Gaming in quarantine can also allow you to connect with other people. One of the most significant impacts of self-isolation is the loneliness that people have been experiencing. If you’re isolating with family or housemates, you should look into finding multiplayer games to try.

Playing games online also allows you to connect with other players. These could be friends or people you haven’t met yet. You could even make some new friends while online gaming during the quarantine. It’s an enjoyable way to feel less disconnected from the outside world.

Where you can play video games online

The internet has so many video games that are all available for you to play. First, you’ll need to decide what you want to try out. First off, you should determine if you’re looking for single player, multiplayer or connected online games. Once that’s done, you can then narrow down your search to find what you want.

A simple internet search will give you lots of ideas for which games to play. However, you can also find sites with lists of the top online games. If you’re going to be gaming in quarantine, you might as well try the best of what the internet has to offer.

If you want to try making a little money while gaming, online casinos are a great place to find a massive variety of games all in one place. There will be plenty of slots, table games, and some online casinos will offer live dealers. Look through some casino online reviews to find the best providers.

Online casinos are already an extremely popular online resource. Many more players are trying this method of online gaming during the quarantine. Software providers develop games specifically for online casinos and they’ve made some of the best quality games available on their storefronts.

The best online games

There are many, many different games out there, and you may not know where to start. Below are some of the best online individual and multiplayer games on your PC. These are the top games for you to try out while gaming in quarantine.


You couldn’t write a video game article without mentioning this game. This is, without a doubt, one of the best multiplayer video games to play on PC. The stunningly rendered graphics, as well as the massive player base, has grown this adventure game into the industry giant it is today.

With the option for Player versus Player (PvP) as well as teams, world-building, and computer-generated enemies to fight, there’s lots to look forward to.

Destiny 2

This is a fantasy-themed video game that ticks all of the boxes for an online multiplayer game. You can play in three different modes. These are the usual PvP and PvE (Player versus Environment), as well as a combination of the two in a PvPvE mode.

There are missions to complete and bosses to fight. You’ll earn gear, and your character will get stronger as you play. You can get a real sense of achievement as you progress through this game.


This is by far the most popular online slot game out there. If you’re playing by yourself, then give this a try. Its straightforward gameplay can easily be picked up by beginners, and it has some of the best graphics on offer from one of the top software providers.

You can play this game for free at various sites. However, if you want to play for real money, you’ll need to sign up to an online casino. Most online casinos will have this slot available.

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While this time is certainly an uncertain one, there are many self-isolation ideas to help you keep occupied. Gaming is a great way to distract yourself from the stress of coronavirus news. Have some fun with friends and immerse yourself in a different world today.