Airbnb Management Software: how to make the right choice

Establishing a business with Airbnb can help you enjoy a steady passive income, especially if you own a property in a popular touristic spot. At the same time, as the number of bookings rolls in and your business grows, you may find yourself ever-struggling with all sorts of managing, checking, negotiating, and arranging travails – notorious time-eaters.

Accepting reservations, monitoring current stays, controlling departures, answering an avalanche of inquiries, organizing cleaning and maintenance, restocking household goods – running an Airbnb lodging may turn into a stressful, never-ending nightmare with lots of responsibilities to bear and tasks to tackle. A failure to provide decent customer service may end up in devastating 1-2-star reviews against your advertisement, compromising the success of your enterprise.

The good news is that most Airbnb mundane tasks can be automated thanks to the advancements of IT technologies and the appearance of Artificial Intelligence. Dedicated Airbnb management software takes the stress out of the business by automating repetitive procedures while ensuring none of the important details skips your attention.

What is Airbnb Management Software?

An indispensable tool of any professional host, Airbnb vacation rental software is designed to make hosting easier and more productive through comprehensive automation of daily activities and the elimination of a human factor out of the key processes.

A good property management automation tool provides functionality for guest communication, task allocation, calendar synchronization, multiple accounts management, payment processing, smart auto-pricing, and financial/performance reporting, thus, addressing nearly every need of an overloaded property manager.

With a properly chosen vacation rental management solution, hosts will quickly relish boosted occupancy rates, tangible optimization of ineffective processes, and improved response times, which ultimately translates into better customer service and greater revenues.

Who Benefits from Airbnb Property Management Software?

Managing a short-term vacation rental property in a hot destination is a lucrative, yet, highly competitive endeavor. Robust Airbnb management software ensures that you stay on top of the latest trends and technologies and exploit the potential of your accommodation to the fullest. With this nifty app automatically controlling and managing up to 80% of essential Airbnb tasks, you do not have to be involved in your business affairs 24/7 and dedicate nearly all your time and efforts in securing its smooth performance. When you know that tons of routine, error-prone tasks can be automated with a single mouse click and help you free up plenty of time for something more important or interesting, it is not a question of whether you need a good Airbnb management program, but whether your Airbnb venture can effectively operate and expand without it?

The must-have features to look for in nice Airbnb management software

The ideal Airbnb management application is meant to become the main helper in such hard work as administering short-term vacation rental lodgings. With that in mind, the perfect solution must be user-friendly and offer intuitive navigation without any guesswork.

Such software should also allow you to effortlessly adjust your booking rates based on provided amenities/comforts, seasonality, market conditions, and upcoming events in your area as well as to tune-up discounts for first-time tenants, loyal guests, and longer stays.

Since replying to inquiries and communicating with current renters is a major time sink, a great Airbnb management tool must ensure automated guest communication. A failure to reply to an inquiry within 24 hours results not only in lost profits, but also poor ranking on the Airbnb platform with all the negative consequences that come with it. The most advanced Airbnb management products come with a unified inbox feature to consolidate guest communication history in one place as surely as with immediate notifications and customizable templates to automatically respond to messages and emails round the clock.

Hosts that manage multiple listings across several rental websites need to access all their accounts through a single command center, therefore a fine Airbnb property management service offers smooth integration with all existing accounts with an ability to manage all the listings and complete all the actions applicable including accepting reservations, arranging for cleaning, modifying booking rates, etc. Read more about this feature on

Having a 360-degree look at the properties’ performance helps a host identify the weak points of the business, determine the room for improvement, and revise existing marketing campaigns. Therefore, true Airbnb management software can generate profit/loss statements, financial reports, and other statistics, thus, allowing a manager to keep an exact tally of all expenses and incomes and stay compliant with local tax legislation.

How to choose adequate Airbnb management software

The first step to take when choosing the best Airbnb management software for your needs is evaluating the size of your business and determining the most time-consuming tasks that demand automation. You will hardly need a comprehensive and expensive solution with a pro subscription plan for grand-scale hosts if you just lease out one room in your home a couple of times per year.

Now you need to pin down the activities you want to automate. The IT market abounds with all possible products for effective rental property management. Some programs are indeed all-inclusive packages offering the overwhelming functionality to cater to every need of an Airbnb host including guest review management, payment processing, key management, website creation toolbox, and so forth. Other solutions contain only vital elements, which are, nevertheless, often pretty sufficient for smart and faultless property management.

Trusted Airbnb management software providers always offer a free trial period to let prospective clients taste the functionality of the product before purchasing. Never miss an opportunity to test the software for free to know for sure whether it fits your bill. Look at the cost of the program that appeals to you most and get in touch with their support team to learn more about their pricing and possible fees, making sure the vendor does not charge hidden commissions.

With the right software, your managerial productivity will enhance, ultimately making your Airbnb startup flourish and your incomes – soar. From instant automation of time-robbing tasks to improving your occupancy rates and promoting your reputation on the platform, a reliable Airbnb management application is a great way to use the powers of Artificial Intelligence to transform your business.