Best Survival Game 2021 – Rust vs Valheim

Rust has been ruling the open-world multiplayer survival games for a long time now but with Valheim recently released on steam, it has sparked a series of comparisons between the two titles despite the fact that Valheim is still in for early access and a long way from the final release.

But for the sack of all the survival game lovers out there, lets find out what new features does Valheim bring to the table to stand out in the vast ocean of survival games already on steam and more importantly how different it is from all time popular, Rust.

Gameplay Style

First and foremost, let’s take a deep dive into the gameplay style of both games. As for Rust, it focuses mainly on the PvP gameplay where the players playing this game from a long-time love to wreck the new players in the game for fun, which is something many new players find frustrating and usually like to start with already used account and they go ahead and buy Rust Account from an in-game goods marketplace called

Valheim focuses more on the PVE gameplay where the player can play along other players in fight against the beasts wandering around the world.

Beginner Friendly

Now as for the gameplay and graphics both have a done a fine job with only difference being the Vikings introduced in Valheim which does add a nice touch to the game but that totally depends of personal preference. But one thing that makes Valheim stand out is the control over the game play style, you can choose between PVP and PVE gameplay which is quite amazing for someone who is new the whole survivalist façade.

Rust on the other hand is more like a virtual life than a game, you spend hours and days collecting resources and crafting things up from tools, houses, forts and even vehicles which you need to protect all the time and Rust even has an app that sends out notification if someone tries to trespass or attack your base.

Our Verdict

So, if you are looking for something hectic and hardcore, where you need to keep track of everything happening around you and keep an eye out for the enemies all the time, then you should probably go with Rust but if you are someone who loves to play passively with more control over the game play then Valheim is the one to go for. If you want to try out these games but can’t find a acceptable price for purchase, we suggest checking out Gamecamp where you can find the best game retailer shops and find out which one can offer the best price.