Bloody B930 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard Review

Back at CES 2018, the ThinkComputers crew met up with the team from Bloody to check out their latest offerings aimed at the gaming community. While getting the rundown on all of their latest products, we were shown a few new keyboards that feature Bloody’s Light Strike (LK) Libra technology, which uses optical detection as opposed to mechanical connections to register key presses. One of those keyboards is the B930, a ten-keyless model that includes RGB lighting, liquid spill resistance, and a sturdy metal body. We have seen many other keyboards that use non-Cherry mechanical switches, but we have yet to take a look at an optical switch keyboard that still retains the mechanical switch feel. That all changes today with our review of the Bloody B930.

Special thanks to Bloody for providing the B930 review sample!


Connector: USB
Dimensions: 380mm (W ) x 150mm (D) x 37mm (H)
Layout: Ten-keyless, 87 keys
Switch Style: Optical, Light Strike (LK) Libra, Orange – tactile, Brown (Tested) – linear
Switch Response: 0.2ms
Key Travel: 3mm
Switch Lifetime: 100 million keystrokes
Anti-Ghosting: 100%
Extra Keycaps: 8 semi-transparent ABS keycaps (QWERASDF), 8 x silicon coated keycaps (QWERASDF)
Hotkey: Multimedia
Backlighting: Customizable RGB
Backlighting Brightness: Adjustable
Backlighting Memory: 6 on-board RGB lighting modes
Space-Bar: Screw enhanced space-bar
Report Rate: 1,000Hz/1ms
Water Resistant: Yes
Warranty: 3 year


The Bloody B930’s packaging consists of a nice box containing the keyboard and accessories, surrounded by an exterior sleeve. The front of the box has a lot less imagery of the product inside than what you find on many other retail packages, and instead features the Bloody logo prominently in the center. Multiple features of the B930 are highlighted on the front of the box, with a more detailed look at the keyboard appearing on the backside.

Bloody B930 Box1 Large

More detailed information is provided on the back side, and Bloody takes up a good portion of this side to explain the Light Strike technology found in the switches of the B930.

Bloody B930 Box2 Large

Inside the box we find the keyboard nicely secured by foam padding, and wrapped in bubble wrap. This is a pretty standard configuration, and one that works well for the B930.

Bloody B930 Box3 Large


Included with the keyboard are two sets of eight optional keycaps (Q,W,E,R,A,S,D,F), and a keycap puller to make their removal easier. The first set of keycaps are semi-transparent, which really lets the light from the switches shine through. This set of caps have a single-shot design with painted key legends. The second set of keycaps have a red silicon coating for extra grip, and their double-shot design allows the switch to illuminate just the transparent legend portion of the keycap.

Bloody B930 Acc2 Large

Also included are a warranty registration card and a small quick guide manual.

Bloody B930 Acc1 Large