Bloody B930 Light Strike Optical Gaming Keyboard Review


Most of our time with the Bloody B930 was spent gaming, though this entire review was written using the keyboard as well. For everyday tasks, the linear action of the Brown LK Libra switches on our review sample served our purposes quite well. Some users may want to use the Orange switches for their tactile feed back, which is quite popular with folks that are doing a lot of typing or coding.

For our gaming usage, we spent all of our time in either PUBG or Fortnite Battle Royale. The quick response times of the LK Libra switches kept up with our hands, and at no time could we tell that we were using non-mechanical key switches. Now, we say non-mechanical with reference to their activation, as they utilize a light beam as opposed to metal contacts. You might be thinking that not being able to tell the difference is a bad thing, as Bloody touts their switches as being superior to traditional mechanical switches, but we think this is a good thing. We know gamers really like the feel of certain existing mechanical switches, be they Red, Blue, Brown, Black, or some other color, and Bloody has provided a few options with the LK Libra switches that closely resemble the feel and performance of these traditional switches. With a claimed lifespan of 100 million activations, compared to 50-60 million of other switches, we can really start to see some of the other advantages come to the forefront.

Final Thoughts

When we set out to look at the Bloody B930, we weren’t really sure what our reaction would be. We knew the keyboard used optical switches that are designed to be quicker and more durable than traditional mechanical switches, but we didn’t know how their operation would hold up to the tried and true designs of existing switches. It’s safe to say, in our opinion, that the LK Libra switches perform exceptionally well. When we compared the feel and performance of the Brown LK Libra switches to another keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches, the two were hard to tell apart.

The overall build quality of the B930 is great, and the aluminum top plate really adds some heft to an otherwise mostly plastic composition. Another thing that really adds to the quality feel of the keyboard is the way the LK Libra switches implement their lighting. The crystal prism portion of the switch really directs the light into the keycap, which reduces the amount of light that shows below the keys. At its brightest setting, the B930 looks quite nice, and the lighting is very crisp looking without the underglow found on many other RGB keyboards.

The gaming keyboard market is pretty competitive, and while the Bloody B930 performs quite nicely, it does lack some of the features found on other keyboards in the same price range. Without extra features like USB pass-through, and software that can be difficult to navigate at times, the B930 is in a tough spot. That’s why we think the $140 price at our favorite online retailer is probably a bit steep. Pricing aside, we think Bloody has a great product on their hands, and with a little bit of software tweaking, they could have a very compelling reason to consider the B930 over other keyboard models from larger vendors. All things considered, the Bloody B930 earns an 8 out of 10 score.


  • Sturdy build
  • Very little light bleed below keycaps
  • Claimed 100 million keystrokes for the LK Libra switches
  • 16 extra keycaps included


  • No USB pass-through
  • No wristrest
  • Software is a bit clunky
  • Price
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