Tesoro GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mechanical key switches have really evolved over the past 4 to 5 years. We only had a few switches to choose from and now we have quite a lot. The new trend you are going to see this year is thinner and low-profile mechanical switches and keyboards. Today we are actually checking out our second low-profile mechanical keyboard, which is the Tesoro GRAM XS. This keyboard features ultra low profile key switches with a chicklet style keycap. Being big fans of white keyboards Tesoro sent us the white version that features a white chassis with white keycaps.

Special thanks to Tesoro for providing us with the GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard to review.

– Presenting a beautiful, slim keyboard design
– Highlighting ultra-low profile mechanical switches
– Delivering precise actuation for optimized operation
– Extreme reliability with every keystroke
– Full key customization & Instant Macro Recording
– 6-key and N-key rollover options
– Intuitive software design
– Non-slip rubber grips

The GRAM XS comes in a typical Tesoro retail box. On the front there is a picture of the keyboard in action and some of the features are listed.

Tesoro GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard

Flipping over to the back there is an overview of the keyboard showing of some of the different functions of the keyboard.

Tesoro GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard

Getting everything out of the box we have the GRAM XS keyboard, USB cable, and a quick start guide. The included USB cable is thick, braided, and gold-plated. It is also nice to see that it is white, which matches the keyboard.

Tesoro GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard

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