Tesoro GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard Review

Lights & Software
When you plug the GRAM XS in for the first time it should light up with the ever-popular spectrum wave effect. The lights are pretty bright, but there are 4 different brightness levels as well as the ability to turn the lights completely off.

Tesoro GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard Tesoro GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard Tesoro GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard Tesoro GRAM XS Mechanical Keyboard

To control the lights and everything else with the keyboard you are going to need to download the software. Tesoro has released new software for the GRAM XS and I do have to say it is much better than the previous software Tesoro was using.

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Once you select the keyboard you have the option to go into quick start or advanced mode. In quick start you have the ability to select up to 9 different lighting effects as well as set the color for the different effects.

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You can also change key assignments by selecting a key and then saying what you want it to do. You can select / create a macro, so it to launch a program, use a mouse function, keyboard function, media control, or Windows functions.

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Advanced mode in the lighting effects section gives us a few more options. First while we can’t select per-key lighting we can now select different sections of keys (All, WASD, Arrow keys, number keys, FN keys, and the numberpad). There is also a color wheel so you can fine tune the exact color that you want.


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