Raijintek Orcus 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

We’ve mentioned it before and it’s still true today, the AiO market is jammed full with competition making innovation a struggle for even the most experienced Engineers and R&D teams. Enter the Raijintek Orcus 240 all in one liquid cooler. Immediately you notice the cylindrical device attached to the tubing and know that something is different here. While most companies are sticking with the tried and true pump on block combo the German designed and Thai built Orcus 240 (thank you Raijintek for the simple name) took the pump and placed it externally on the tubing. This left space for a reservoir/flow meter on top of the block and of course you also find RGB leds everywhere. No doubt innovation was at the top of the bill for this cooler, but let’s find out what that nets Raijintek in terms of performance, ease of use, and quality.

Special Thanks to Raijintek for providing the Orcus 240 for review!

raijintek orcus specs

The Orcus 240 is packaged in a matte white cardboard box with blue and black accents. It’s another bit of packaging that really sets itself apart by simply not going with a matte black background. The front of the box features a graphic of the cooler. Flip to the back to find three photos showing the fans, RGB block, and external pump. Below them you find the complete specifications as listed earlier in this review.

Raijintek Orcus 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Raijintek Orcus 240 Liquid CPU Cooler

The other sides simply show photos of the cooler, upc, graphic designs, and repeat the socket compatibility list.

Raijintek Orcus 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Raijintek Orcus 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Raijintek Orcus 240 Liquid CPU Cooler

Opening the box we find all contents contained within a pressed cardboard container and held securely. One thing we don’t have that is pretty standard for other coolers is plastic sleeving for the block, pump, and tubing.

Raijintek Orcus 240 Liquid CPU Cooler