Booq Boa Brief Laptop Bag Review

Final Thoughts
The Booq Boa Brief has a good bit of space in it, and lots of pockets for documents, small books, and adapters. I have a feeling that most folks are going to throw everything not a laptop into the main pocket and be done with it. The other pockets are relegated to adapters and “things not often accessed”. The pockets other than the laptop and main pocket aren’t very good for larger books or papers.

The exterior is certainly of high quality and the water-repellent claim is certainly a factor to consider. The padding is tip-top: I feel like I could chuck this thing out the window of a moving vehicle and have an elevated chance of my stuff surviving the impact and roll.

However, the style doesn’t quite meet my tastes or functional requirements. ThinkComputers gives the Booq Boa Brief Laptop Bag an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Water repellent
– Slide-resistant shoulder strap
– Lost bag tracking tag
– Luggage handle strap keeps it secure when rolling

– Side pockets tight
– $145 price tag seems steep

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