Braven Ready Solo Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Usage & Testing
So luckily enough this review came at a time where I was going on a trip to Mexico. This meant that I could really test the Ready Solo in the elements. This meant taking it to the beach and of course the pool. The first test was of course the waterproof test. So while the speaker was playing a basically dunked it and it survived to problem at all. Remember the IP68 certification means the speaker can survive under 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

Braven Ready Solo Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Since we were in the water we had to see if the speaker could float, which it does. But the way the speaker is designed it does not float with the speaker facing up so your sound is really going to be distorted but the water. This speaker really is not advertised as a floating speaker in that way, but since it floats that saves if from falling to the bottom of the ocean, lake, river, etc.

Another great thing about this speaker is that on top of being waterproof it is also dust and debris proof. So you don’t have to worry about throwing it in the sand at the beach or setting it down in the dirty. Best of all at the end of the day you can wash it off! It really makes it the perfect speaker for at the pool or beach!

Braven Ready Solo Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

So how does the Ready Solo sound? Because of course if the speaker does not sound good whats the point right? I do have to say this is one of the better-sounding Bluetooth speakers I’ve reviewed, especially based on its size. It has a nice loud bass thump and vocals in songs are very clear. This speaker is more than powerful enough to fill smaller rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, and a smaller office.

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