Case Mod Friday: Project HEX

Project Name: Project HEX

Builder: Heat PC’s

About This Mod / Build: This week for Case Mod Friday we have a slick build from Heat PC’s done inside of the HEX Gear R80 Case. The build is MSI themed with a black, red, and titanium color scheme. This is an incredibly clean build, be sure to check it out!


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– Intel Core i7 7700k
– MSI Z270 Xpower Gaming Titanium
– 2 x MSI Geforce GTX 1080 AERO 8G OC
– 16GB HyperX Predator 3000MHz
– 2 x 240GB HyperX Savage SSD
– Seasonic Prime 850W
– CableMod Custom Cables
– CableMod RGB lighting kit
– Hex Gear R80 case

– 2 x 480mm Alphacool Nexxxos XT45 rads
– 8 x 120mm Phobya Eloop 1000rpm fans
– 16mm Alphacool fittings silver
– Alphacool adapters silver
– Alphacool VPP755 Pump + Eisbecher D5 150ml res
– Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos Next with Vision
– Aquacomputer Kryographics gtx 1080 with vision
– Aquacomputer Poweradjust 3 Ultra
– Mayhems Aurora 2 RED coolant

– Custom MSI Logo on front of case
– Custom hard-tubing
– Custom water cooling loop
– Custom sleeving

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