CES 2011: CyberPower

We all know CyberPower for creating powerful and affordable gaming systems for people who do not want to, or know how to build their own system.  Check out our review of their Gamer Xtreme 5000 Intel P67 Sandy Bridge System.  They had quite a lot to show us this year at CES so let’s take a look…

LAN Party EVO Mini w/Silverstone SG-07 Chassis
This was one of my favorite systems that Cyberpower demoed. It’s compact, sleek and powerful, what more could you want? Cyberpower has stuffed an Intel Core i5-2400 Sandy Bridge processor with Asetek liquid cooling onto an Intel H67 Mini-ITX board, an Nvidia GTX 570 graphics card and a 600W 80+ powers supply. If I had this machine, I’d carry it around with me just for fun. You could easily carry the LAN Party EVO Mini with one arm, so if you’re going to a LAN Party, or just over to a friend’s house for a few hours, you can pick up the LAN Party EVO Mini and you’ll be ready to game!

CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower

Gamer Xplorer X6 Notebook
If you want to game on a bus, train, airplane, etc, bringing an entire system isn’t necessarily an option. Cyberpower has a solution, introducing the Gamer Xplorer X6 Notebook. It’s running an Intel Core i7-2620QM processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB 7200 RPM HDD, and believe it or not, Integrated Intel HD graphics. Now, you might be thinking, integrated graphics on a gaming laptop, c’mon! However, you have to remember, this is a Sandy Bridge system. Or in more interesting words, it’ll run Starcraft II without a hiccup! What’s even better is the price, starting at $799, the Gamer Xplorer X6 provides a lot of performance at a very modest price.

CES 2011: CyberPower

Black Mamba
This was my favorite system that Cyberpower was demoing. There is just something about the Black Mamba that draws you in. After the original awe settles, you start to wonder what the Black Mamba can do. Well, with an Intel Core i7-2600K processor that’s overclocked plus Cyberpower’s Advanced Hydro Liquid Cooling Kit with a 360mm radiator, it can do quite a bit. The Black Mamba also features dual Nvidia GTX 580 graphics cards and an Asus Sabertooth P67 motherboard. All of these parts are powered by a Thermaltake 1350W PSU. The performance of Black Mamba is through the roof and Cyberpower also represents this with the case. Black Mamba’s case will feature a removable top. The top has drop down doors that stylishly open to reveal a complete user configurable area. You can add drive bays for 3.5” HDD or smaller SSD’s in any type of arrangement you want. However, Cyberpower admitted they’d like to be able to fit another 360mm radiator or a second power supply in the ‘attic’ of the Black Mamba.

The case also has the following features:

  • Adjustable vents on the top of the ‘attic’
  • Easy to remove dust filter on the side panel which doesn’t require you to remove the panel at all
  • Support up to 10 drive bays without the attic. The unit on demo had support for up to 16 drives.

The case pictured is still a prototype, so some things will probably change before its release. However, the amazing concept will remain, making this one of my favorite overall setups in years.

CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower CES 2011: CyberPower