CES 2012: CyberPower PC

This year at CES CyberPower PC had a really awesome system to show us, the Fang III Black Mamba. This system not only boasts an Intel Core i7-3960X CPU and X79 Chipset with quad channel memory it includes Advance Hydro Liquid Cooling Kit with an all new 480mm radiator. The coolest thing about this system is that it is actually 2 systems in one. So you have a full ATX system on the bottom and a Mini-ITX system up that runs Windows Home Server. Read on learn more about this system and what else CyberPower PC was showing at CES this year.

The Black Mamba has been refitted with Azza’s Fusion 4000 gaming chassis, a revolutionary super tower that can house two systems in a single structure. CyberpowerPC’s OC Media Server Station acts as that second independent system and can serve as a real time monitoring and tweaking machine in addition to being a home server for viewing and storing all your digital media.

With Windows Home Server 2011, you can:
– Perform daily backups of every computer on your network, including the server.
– Restore everything from individual lost files to entire PCs.0
– Easily restore your entire server in the event of a critical disaster.
– Have your files and devices sit behind your firewall with strong password controls.
– Share what you want and keep the rest private.
– Monitor the condition and performance of each computer in your home.
– Keep antivirus and other protection software up to date.

Get your files in order and access them with ease
– Store all your photos, movies, and other files in a central location.
– Get to all these files from any computer on your home network.
– Stream shared photos, music, and videos on network devices.
– Enjoy a common music collection with your family.
– Watch smoothly streaming video, digitally recorded TV shows, and Silverlight-powered slide shows, both in and outside your home.
– Watch digitally recorded shows and movies on your TV via an Xbox 360 or other supported digital media receiver.
– Get to your home network remotely.
– Upload files to (and download from) shared folders on your home server via a secure, personalized URL.*
– Run programs, just as if you were sitting in front of your home computer.**

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