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CES 2012: The Blooper Reel

It has been about a month since CES and with all of the coverage we did there were definitely some bloopers and funny moments that did not make it into our coverage videos. After the past few weeks we have gone through all of the footage and found some of the funniest bloops and outtakes. So we present to you the CES 2012 Blooper Reel! I hope you enjoy!


CES 2012 Wrap Up!

We are finally done with our <a href="">CES 2012 Coverage</a>! It has really been a crazy couple of weeks! We spent an entire week in Las Vegas for CES and then spent the past week finishing posting our coverage of the event. There really is so much to cover, but I think we did a good job on our coverage. As many of you know we did mostly all video this year. We have compiled over 45GB of raw HD video into about 4 and a half hours of great CES coverage! Below is our CES 2012 <a href="" target="_blank">YouTube</a> Playlist!


CES 2012: Nyko

Are you ready for the PS Vita? Nyko is ready, and at CES 2012 they've proven their readiness by showing off their line of Vita launch products. Starting with the Speaker Stand that not only provides speakers for the Vita, but it also doubles as a charging dock and has an infrared remote. There's also the Power Grip, Power Armor Kit, Power Kit and game case. Sticking with the speaker accessory theme, Nyko also has a Speaker Stand coming out for the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire's Speaker Stand will also change the device, and it has a kickstand. The last Kindle Fire product Nyko showed was the Power Grip. It has a built in rechargeable battery to give the Kindle Fire an extra boost, an ergonomic grip, and a kickstand that can be used horizontally or vertically. Finally, Nyko is offering Yo Gabba Gabba! products. The first is a Brobee Hip Pack, with the other being the Muno Time.



So ROCCAT's booth was quite interesting, I mean "Ze German's are coming, and this time we'll play nice" is a tough slogan, so I wanted to see what they had to impress me. Put it this way, the 6000 DPI adjustable, East-Shift Button, Tracking & Distance Control Unit, Driver + Macro Manager, On-board Memory (yes you read that right), Weight system (yes you read that right again) did NOT let me down. This mouse is priced at $79.99 which is a highly competitive price to top name mouses on the market today. Check out the awesome interview Kathrine & Marcus provided and it will blow your mind on gaming peripherals!


CES 2012: Samsung

This year at CES we decided to venture into the Samsung booth, which was one of the busiest booths at CES. We were able to take a look at the new Galaxy Note, which is a mix between a phone and a tablet. It features a very thin design, 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED screen and a 1.4GHz dual core processor. Samsung was also showing off the new Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet. It is the worlds first tablet to feature the Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus display technology. Finally we were able to check out Samsung's SSD 830 solid state drives.


CES 2012: Sharper Image & HMDX

Home products maker Homedics’ Sharper Image and HMDX brands of audio products this year are focusing on Bluetooth-enabled products in order to win over the growing number of Android users whose primary method of audio playback aside from the stereo jack is Bluetooth. ThinkComputers’ Colin Dean speaks with Anthony Koperski in this video interview about the various mobile and stationary speaker products they were showing off this year.


CES 2012: Plextor

Plextor showed us around their suite at CES 2012 which featured their optical drives and SSD’s. We took a look at the PX-612U, an external DVD writer that has a built in card slot and can connect to a TV thanks to Plextor’s PlexTV software. PlexTV allows you to display anything from the PX-612U onto your TV, whether it is a DVD Movie, or something from the SD card slot, like photos or home videos. On the SSD side, Plextor showed off their M3 Pro Series. A really neat feature about the M3 Pro Series is Plextor’s True Speed technology. True Speed manages the SSD in a manner where performance doesn’t degrade when the drive is in a dirty state. Plextor had a speed test demo running in their suite to prove that True Speed really works, and I can attest True Speed provides a significant boost in read and write speeds on dirty drives.


CES 2012: AViiQ

AViiQ is known for their laptop stands and portable products. They focus on portability and usability. At CES 2012, AViiQ showed us both of their laptop stands, which place the laptop at a 12 degree ergonomic angle. The Smart Case for the iPad 2 which doesn’t compromise style for performance. A Portable Charging Station with easy cable management for multiple devices, a 4 port USB hub, and a battery pack so you won’t need any outlet. Ready Clips, which are flexible cables that are very portable and easy to carry. Quick Change is a 3-in-1 USB cable that features micro, mini, and an Apple dock port. Mini Surge Protector that easily allows you to get power to 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports in a portable form factor. Lastly, AViiQ’s Slim Travel Adapter eliminates the need for bulky electrical adapters by folding up into a neat package when not in use.


CES 2012: House of Marley

Reggae rocker Bob Marley sang songs to convey his message of authenticity, charity, sustainability, and unity. His family lives on, and they wanted to translate these ideas into a series of musical products. House of Marley is the result, proffering audio listening products for all people. These products are new and unique -- authentic -- and 5% of the profits supports, a charity that continues Marley’s message through good works. Moreover, all of the House of Marley products are sustainable -- wooden and largely if not entirely recyclable. ThinkComputers’ Colin Dean talks to Karen from House of Marley in this video interview covering the company’s earphones, iPhone boomboxes, home audio systems, and more from its Jammin’, Freedom, and Destiny collections.


CES 2012: Synology

Network attached storage device manufacturer Synology had a great booth this year at CES. ThinkComputers’ Colin Dean talked with Synology’s Doug Self about the new version of the NAS firmware running on Synology devices. The new version includes some reorganization of the desktop-paradigm control panel and also enables a new CloudDrive feature, which enables a user to setup and control their own cloud storage system, like SpiderOak or Dropbox, using their Synology device. We also looked at the new DS411 Slim, a 4-bay NAS which uses 2.5” drives in order to give the device a very small size and increase its portability. Check out our video interview.

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