Monday, September 24, 2018

CES 2012 Wrap Up!

We are finally done with our CES 2012 Coverage! It has really been a crazy couple of weeks! We spent an entire week in Las Vegas for CES and then spent the past week finishing posting our coverage of the event. There really is so much to cover, but I think we did a good job on our coverage. As many of you know we did mostly all video this year. We have compiled over 45GB of raw HD video into about 4 and a half hours of great CES coverage! Below is our CES 2012 YouTube Playlist!

As far as posts go we published a total of 38 posts covering CES this year. Here they are from start to finish!

CES 2012 Here We Come!
CES Video Blog 2: What We Want to See
CES 2012: Digital Experience
CES 2012: Thermaltake
CES 2012: Gigabyte
CES 2012: Golla
CES 2012: The Booth Babes
CES 2012: Otherworld Computing
CES 2012: In Win
CES 2012: Shodogg
CES 2012: OCZ
CES 2012: NZXT
CES 2012: Bill Owen & MNPCTECH
CES 2012: CyberPower PC
CES 2012: ECS
CES 2012: Cooler Master
CES 2012: Zotac
CES 2012: Lenovo
CES 2012: MSI
CES 2012: Otterbox
CES 2012: Sapphire
CES 2012: Fractal Design
NZXT Switch 810 Case Overview
CES 2012: Mad Catz
CES 2012: Moneual
CES 2012: Shogun
CES 2012: Rosewill
CES 2012: Sennheiser Gaming Headsets
CES 2012: Zalman
CES 2012: Hyperkin
CES 2012: Synology
CES 2012: House of Marley
CES 2012: AViiQ
CES 2012: Plextor
CES 2012: Sharper Image & HMDX
CES 2012: Samsung
CES 2012: Nyko

CES was a great experience for all of us here at ThinkComputers. Special thanks again to CyberPower and Kingston for providing great products that made covering the event much easier!

Bob Buskirk
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