CES 2013: Intel

As always Intel was showing a lot at their booth this year at CES. We had the privilege of getting a private demo of the GT3 graphics on their upcoming Haswell platform. This put the built-in graphics head to head with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M in a Dirt 3 demo. From the video below you can see how they compare. Ultrabooks and tablets were a big thing for Intel at the show and they just announced a new 7W SDP (scenario design power) Ivy Bridge chip. This will allow companies to create smaller and lighter Ultrabooks and tablets that have longer battery life. Finally we took a look at Intel’s wireless display technology. Eventually with a WiDi enabled tablet or Ultrabook you will be able to buy a small dongle, much like a flash drive that will plug into an HDMI port in your display and wirelessly display what you are seeing or use it as a second display.

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