CES 2023: InWin Adds Another Element to PC Building With New Cases

InWin has always been an innovation leader when it comes to PC cases, and they were back at CES 2023 with some very interesting case designs that add one more element to your PC building process – the case. We took a look at two flat-pack cases as well as a modular case that can be configured in multiple ways to suit your build’s needs.


inwin ces 6

Billed as a more traditional tower case, the InWin Dubili is a case that will come unassembled and in a flat-pack type of packaging. You might be familiar with this type of packaging when you think of things like IKEA furniture. But don’t be concerned, there are quality case materials like aluminum frame components included with the Dubili, and you get the chance to encounter each one as you assemble the case with the assistance of their app and animated assembly instructions.

inwin ces 4

The Dubili is a modular case, that allows you to make adjustments here and there to suit your needs, but I think the coolest one was the ability to flip the orientation of the legs so that they actually become carrying handles on the top of the case. Of course additional feet are included to handle that task if you decide to assemble in this fashion. A full range of motherboards are supported in this case, all the way up to E-ATX, and there are also eight PCI expansion slots, so there should be no issue fitting in all of your add-in cards. The front of the Dubili supports either a 360mm or 420mm radiator, while the top can handle a single 360mm. There is also a single 120mm option at the back of the case for additional exhaust duties.

We can expect to see the Dubili become available sometime in Q2, but InWin is still trying to figure out just how much they will be selling it for.

Mod Free

inwin ces 2

While not quite as build-intensive as the Dubili, the Mod Free is another modular design case that has three main components. A PSU module houses power and storage components, while the larger motherboard module houses your core components like your motherboard and graphics card. A third module is available for additional expansion of storage and cooling systems. The really cool think about the Mod Free is that all of the modules can connect to each other. The larger motherboard module is square shaped, while two other modules rectangular, but they all share common lengths in order to fit onto one another in a logical way.

inwin ces 1

Since this case is so modular, it is tough to say just how many components you can fit, as you can continue to add or remove modules as your build grows or shrinks over time. That being said, the Mod Free motherboard module offers support for both 120mm and 140mm fans, as does the cooling expansion module. Radiators up to 360mm or 420mm are also supported on the cooling expansion module. With shared dimensions across the modules, exterior panels can be swapped between locations to continually change up the look of your build with everything from tempered glass and solid panels to mesh and more.

inwin ces 3

Again, there is no pricing for the Mod Free just yet, but expect to see the case become available in Q2.

POC Case

inwin ces 7

The InWin POC Case takes case assembly on an interesting journey, as you will actually be bending and shaping the metal panels of this case. Shipped in what InWin calls a “pizza box” container, the POC is another flat-pack case that yes, comes in what looks like a pizza box. Included with all of the flat panels is a bending tool that has will help you bend and shape the case to the correct angles. But don’t fear, if you don’t like the look of how you just bent the metal, you can flatten it back out and bend again, as InWin has made sure the metal can withstand many bends without breaking, and can even go through a few rounds without losing paint as well.

This Origami-like case has a dedicated GPU chamber to keep thermals in check, and even supports a full-sized ATX power supply. To keep this case cool, a single 120mm side mounting location is available, and the case ships with an InWin Luna AL120 fan.

We expect to see the POC available in a variety of colors, though which ones InWin decides upon is still up in the air – we saw a “Tiffany Blue” example, as well as yellow, green, and a black and blue design. Pricing is once again unknown, but you should be able to find the POC sometime in late Q1.