ZOTAC And AXGaming Announces White GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Graphics Cards

AXGaming and ZOTAC have released two white RTX 4070 Ti GPUs and both of the designs will be marketed in China only. ZOTAC has not yet launched a white RTX 40 GPU to the worldwide market, whilst AXGaming, a Chinese board partner, is presently only selling their GPUs in China.

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A dual-slot, triple-fan graphics card using an NVIDIA reference board is the AXGaming RTX 4070 Ti X3W OC. The card seems similar to the 16GB version of the RTX 4080; however, its size has been decreased (dimensions: 299x117x42 mm vs. 337x142x59 mm). The card has the same TDP as the reference model despite its non-standard boost clock of 2640 MHz (+30 MHz) (285W). It uses a single 16-pin power connection, which is not very surprising.

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The ZOTAC design is an extension of the X-Gaming model. The identical 2.5-slot, three-fan design will also be offered in a white and grey color scheme. In addition, it features a complete cover backplate. Intriguingly, this model will be factory-overclocked to the same frequency as the AXGaming card (2640 MHz) without any other alterations being specified. If the same specifications apply to the white model, this card should have a default TDP of 285W and a maximum TDP of 314W.

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Currently, the AXGaming card costs 6499 RMB, or $944 USD. The ZOTAC model is not currently featured on any of the platforms we examined; however, the X-Gaming blue edition is offered for the same price as the AXGaming card. This is the suggested retail price of the RTX 4070 Ti in China; therefore, it is not marketed ‘at premium.

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