Checking out Cooler Master’s New Cases at CES 2016

Cooler Master really impressed us with their MasterCase 5 not that long ago. At CES 2016 they were showing many of their new cases that are in development. They included the MasterBox, MasterCase 3, MasterCase Maker 5, and MasterCase 7.

The first case is the MasterBox and it will be an entry-level case. It is mainly designed for system integrator’s so you likely won’t see it in the retail channel.


Up next we have the new MasterCase Maker series cases. These include the MasterCase Maker 5, MasterCase 3, and MasterCase 7. All of these cases have a similar design so you can easily distinguish them. They also all will have Cooler Master’s FreeForm modular system which will allow you to easy design the system how you want. The MasterCase 3 is the smaller case in the group, then you have the MasterCase Maker 5, which is a mid-tower and then finally you have the MasterCase 7 and that is a full-tower.


The two larger cases have front panels that pull out to give you access to your 5.25-inch drive bays. These allow the cases to keep their sleek design. Another really cool thing about the cases is that pieces of the all cases can be interchanged between them. So say if you get a MasterCase Maker 5, you can use the same hard drive cage in the MasterCase 7. Sadly we do not know a whole lot about these cases, but they will be coming out soon.


We also had the chance to check out Cooler Master’s MasterConcept case. This case is sort of a development case, where many of the Cooler Master Cases you see come out draw inspiration from.

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