Corsair’s Lapdog Is Ready For Gaming In The Living Room

More and more gamers are moving to the living room. We’ve seen this with the new Steam Machines and Corsair’s Bulldog living gaming machine. With more and more PC gamers moving into the living room there needs to be a way to use a keyboard and mouse practically, Corsair thinks they have it in their Lapdog.

Corsair calls the Lapdog their portable gaming control center that will bring precision desktop gaming performance to your couch. The key word there is precision, that is something that is missing from living room gaming, especially when it comes to FPS games. The Lapdog sits on your lap comfortably as it has microfiber cushions on the bottom and allows you to use a keyboard and mouse easily in your living room.


The lapdog will have support for Corsair’s own K60 and K70 mechanical gaming keyboards. And then of course you will have the choice of any gaming mouse. The gaming surface is actually quite large and the K70 is a full-size keyboard so you really are not compromising anything. The unit will include a long USB cable to connect to your PC. Corsair did not want to go with a wireless solution as you would have to deal with battery and possibly latency issues. You will be able to connect both your keyboard and mouse to the single USB connection. There are also USB ports on the side so you could connect a possible USB headset. The Lapdog by itself (without keyboard and mouse) will retail for $99 and we believe Corsair will allow you to bundle it with a K60 or K70 gaming keyboard as well. Expect to see the Lapdog around March.


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